Rental Vs Buying A Dream Home In Punawale Pune


Punawale region of Pune has some of the best projects in the city and it is one of the best places to buy as well as rent properties. The region is well known for providing a number of amenities to the residents and those who are waiting to invest in properties here have a lot to look forward to. There are a number of factors that has helped this region gain prominence in recent times and one of them is the development of new roads and railways adjacent to the region, which has greatly increased the connectivity of the region.

The region is not just well connected to the surrounding regions of Pune but it also well connected to many other cities of India, which is fast making it the top choice of investors who are frequent travelers. The return of investment in this region is fairly high and that is why the investors have been lining up here to get the best property deals. Golden Treasure in Punawale is one of the best properties here.

Investing in a property in Punawale has also become fairly simple because of the ease with which the properties are now being bought. The leading banks and NBFCs of the region are now sanctioning home loans at the lowest home loan interest rates with very simple terms. The question is should one actually buy a home in Punawale or just rent a home? What are the advantages of both?

It all depends on how long one wants to stay in the Punawale region. It is a fact that the population in the entire city is rapidly on the rise because with every passing day, more and more people are moving in to the city. They are mostly here for business purposes and have come here for their jobs. This has mostly been seen after the rise of the IT industry in Pune. The fact is, if one is just here for a year or two, or even three years, then it is best to rent a property rather than buying one.

Unless and until, one is moving in to a ready- to- move property, then there is no use really to go forward with buying a property because the by the time the project the property is completed, one would be ready to leave the city. If one is buying a home with the help of a home loan, then they would just have to keep on paying for the house and sell it after the loan has been cleared or find a buyer who would be willing to transfer the home loan in his name.

On the other hand, if one wants to settle down in the beautiful region of Punawale and go ahead with stay, then it would be a far better option to buy a property. This is because, the EMIs would reduce over time but the rent will only increase and any difference will balance each other out. The thing with rental properties is that no matter how much you pay for the property, the property will never be yours and one can never transfer the property in his or her name.

That is not the case with the property that has been bought. Instead of paying the rent each month, one can buy a property which will have the same EMIs and one can try out an home loan EMI calculator to determine how much has to be set aside from the salary each month. Eventually, the loan would be paid off and one can have a property to one’s name.

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